Frequently Asked Questions

We all want to help open a store, but we have main jobs that we want to continue. By distributing the project as a cooperative among many shoulders, the workload remains manageable and everyone is only liable with as much money as they want to invest.

The cooperative is registered in the Cooperative Register.

The members elect the supervisory board at the general meeting, which in turn appoints the executive board. The executive board then manages the business of the cooperative.

You can sign up now with our Membership Form. Send us the completed form, then we will send you your membership number and you can transfer your share.

It is possible to buy one or more shares per person, one share costs 150€. There is no maximum number of shares.

We have various working groups that focus on topics such as the store, finances, or technology. Write us an email, then we can discuss further.

Each working group exchanges information individually. On important occasions, the supervisory boards and executive boards coordinate, and a meeting with all members is organized.

You don’t have to perform any services with us, participation in the working groups is completely voluntary.

No, this is not provided for according to our Statutes. This means that it cannot happen that you have to pay any more than the money for your shares.

Every member has the right to terminate their membership at the end of the calendar year. The termination must be made in writing at least six months prior and is possible at the earliest at the end of the third fiscal year after joining as a member.

On March 8th, 2024, we opened at Hanuschke.

The range of a package-free store is wider. There’s not just fruit and vegetables, but also dry goods like flour, beans, and rice, as well as cosmetics like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste tabs.

Do you have any specific questions about the store or the cooperative?

Then feel free to personally contact us via email at: